Now available: IN A NEW YORK MOMENT, for Kindle, debut title in the "Bet on the Badge" series. Coming soon: BROOKLYN CONFIDENTIAL, Book #2. More crime. More dating. More hunky cops...

The "sins of the fathers" cause huge issues in Detective DJ Cantore's life. His father has recently been released from prison upstate for fraud and money laundering as a "dirty cop." Years ago, his mother left the family, a catastrophe for which DJ blames himself.

Daria Mendes immigrated to America from Portugal with her older brother, sharing dreams of a life free from traditional constraint. Three years ago, she lost her brother in a car accident, and she's been dealing with grief since then.

Neither of them is aware they don't fully trust the one they love not to leave them. Daria's beloved brother was taken from her, so how does she believe in permanence? And DJ's mother's abandonment gives him the idea that if you care for a woman, she'll leave--like Mom.

This couple must look deep inside for the strength to trust love once more.

BOYFRIEND 2.0 ("City Lights" volume V), available for Kindle. "I didn't stop reading until I finished the book (even to losing sleep!)" says one reviewer.
Pop singing star Ryan James has a terrible track record with women. Does he need Ms. Right, or a restyle of every last move he knows? A mis-thrown punch at a seedy bar lands Jenna Foley literally in his arms, and in her he sees a chance to upgrade his woman-poison ways. And she's totally willing to take part in his rehabilitation.

IN TOUCH ("City Lights" volume IV), available for Kindle. "If you read only one of the "City Lights" books, read this one. Heartfelt, romantic, beautifully written" says a reviewer. Teenagers Paul and Aubrey love deeply, but their relationship seems doomed by youth and distance. As time passes, with their inevitable growth, they each secretly crave reunion. What would happen? Can she forgive me? Would he take me back? When a not-so-chance encounter brings them into each other's presence once more, neither can resist the temptation to find out.

A HOME FOR THE HEART  ("City Lights" volume III), available for Kindle. Pop singing sensation Seth Elliott is well versed in all sixty-two reasons why a celebrity should not date a fan. Against his will, at one of his concerts, his eyes link with young Cadie Lundin's, and his life shifts course. They must conquer separation, physical challenges, and a mysterious blogger who might--or might not--be warning Cadie away from a permanent relationship. With such a deck stacked against them, they must dig deep to find the strength to make a home for two hearts.

FALLING SLOWLY ("City Lights" volume II), available for Kindle. "...will draw you in by the heartstrings and not let go!" says one reviewer. Manhattan in a deep, gray winter. Frost has set in also in two hearts. A reticent British-import photographer and a guy burned by a romance-gone-wrong meet in a random coincidence. Though they're both love-phobic, can they put something together, or must they stay “just friends”?

LOVE ONLY KNOWS ("City Lights" volume I), available for Kindle. "Heartwrenchingly romantic" says an early reviewer. A contemporary romance on the sweet-to-spicy side. Jon Dolan is a pop singer of amazing talent and roaring success. His life feels incomplete for he has no "someone special" with whom to share. Secretly he's afraid his success is all some cosmic mistake, so he hides his fear under a whacko sense of humor and positive attitude. Rebecca Tillman is an up-and-coming mystery author with a day job she detests and a career to make in publishing. When the two meet at a random bookstore event, they're struck by an instant connection. Will they entertain bigger dreams than they've ever dared visualize for themselves?

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