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Deb Kinnard started writing at age ten, frustrated because there was no preteen girl with a horse on “Bonanza.”  From there she progressed to short stories and dreadful poetry.

In college, she gained two degrees in health care and spent time observing hippies, basketball stars, el-ed majors and other strange species. While raising two active girls and cherishing a husband, she's enjoyed a career that has encompassed Spanish translation, volunteer work at a crisis line, years in assorted ERs that don’t resemble the one on TV, a day job at a big Chicago teaching hospital, and a long-awaited retirement.

She’s a member of RWA and of "Court and Country," a capella singers of early music. In 2002 and 2003, she sold her first and second novels, Powerline and Oakwood to Treble Heart Books. Angel With a Ray Gun was released in 2009, Angel with a Back Hoe in 2009, Damages in 2010, Aloha, My Love in 2010, and the "Faith Box" series (Peaceweaver, The Healing Tree, and When the Roses Bloomed), and the "Seasons of Destiny" series (Seasons in the Mist and Seasons of Reckoning), all currently out of print.

Seasons in the Mist won the 2010 Grace Award in Speculative Fiction. 

In 2013, Deb began exploring independent publishing. Her titles in the “City Lights” series were released in 2013 through 2017 (Love Only Knows, Falling Slowly, A Home for the Heart, In Touch, and Boyfriend 2.0).

She's currently working on a fresh series of contemporary romances. If you like tales of conscientious cops and their laid-back ladies, keep an eye peeled for news. 

When Deb’s not at the computer writing, she keeps busy with reading, playing the guitar, and volunteering at the local grade school. She loves to travel and meet new people, some of whom turn up later in her stories.  So if you meet a short-round woman with a light in her eye…




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