Our story so far: Seth Elliott, rising pop singer, feels jittery and alone tonight at one of his concerts. Why can't he seem to find his ground?

"And she dances, sways to and fro like a poem. So distant a romance, but it draws me in; I can't resist its call."
The crowd seemed to love it. Continuing to sing, Seth bounded down the stairs on the left side of the stage, working the crowd, trying to channel the negative energy that had vibrated in him all day. He wanted to let it flow into something positive. The huge spots followed him up, then down the aisle, nearly blinding him but at last letting him see them all.
Here on the aisles, up the stairs, he could connect. Making contact made him feel vibrantly energized. Until he found that one woman he could love for a lifetime, he'd content himself with feeling real this way.
This was one of his favorite parts of the evening--touching the audience. He got high on walking through the crowd, slapping hands, interacting, getting to sing directly to some, and seeing, for once, who all had turned out. Halfway down to the floor, he spied a little girl, not more than six or seven. He took her shyly proffered hand and knelt down at her eye level to sing to her and for her. Playfully he ruffled her hair and rose to continue down the stairs. When he finally reached the floor, he chose the far left aisle, since it let out closer to the side of the stage where he needed to end up.
The crowd looked eclectic tonight, the norm for the Elliott fandom. He saw older couples, younger couples, groups of younger girls and groups of older women, families, and pretty much everyone in between.
And his eyes landed on her. Short, slender, dressed with subtle good taste that captured his attention. Big eyes and long, shining blond hair. And an indefinable aura of calm. Of peace, even in the crowd's racket, even in the crush of the United Center. Seth saw her make a remark to a taller blond woman nearby. An older sister or possibly her mother, he couldn't tell. In the audience, the girl stood out like a thousand-watt spot in a box of Christmas tree mini-lights.
He approached and on impulse offered her his hand to take. He smiled as their gazes met, admiring the gray eyes staring back at him in surprise. Now that he could clearly see her face, he found her astonishingly beautiful. The fact that she'd extended her hand to his when he offered--well, that just made him feel good. 
He kept singing. "If I could watch forever from so far away, I would. If only I could bridge the gap and tell her..."
Seth sang directly to the girl longer than he was supposed to, in an attempt to say he'd give up quite a bit to be one-on-one with the calm, peaceful vibe she projected. But he had to move on. He squeezed her small hand and gave her a wink before letting go. He felt the lack of her dainty fingers in his as he ran behind the curtained area to get back onstage. He hoped at the very least he'd made the girl's night memorable. Or, he amended, at least bearable. Had she been dragged here to see him? Due to the apparent age of the woman with her, he was pretty sure that she had been.
He found his gaze drifting back to her throughout the second half of the concert.





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